Training Services

Training Services

We offer high quality specialist training in fibre optics technology, from practical hands-on installation to advanced testing, leading to industry recognized qualifications. 
Custom-made training courses can be carried out on your premises.
T-Grid offers its own courses & collaborates with international training institutes to cover various training in Fibre Optics Communications: 
- Fibre Optics Communications (L1)
- Fibre Optics Communications (L2)
- Certified Fibre Optics Technician (CFOT)
- Optical Fibre Network Testing & Maintenance
- Designing & Planning a Fibre Optic network (CFOS/D)
- Fibre Optic Cabling in Buildings
- GPON-FTTH Planning & Optimization
- Air Blown Fibre Installation
- GPON OSP Maintenance
- Optical Fibre Cable Construction for Planners
- Fibre Optic Cabling in an External Environment
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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

At T-Grid we have specialized resources to address your engineering and project needs. Whether legacy network migration, specialist design, a 3rd party inspection, your department operations, or a specialist training course; our resources are available to assist.


T-Grid offers feasibility studies, problem analysis & troubleshooting, independent assessment of products, drafting proposals & specifications, competent and impartial advice, and bespoke solutions tailored to your business and home requirements.


Remember these key points:


- "Your job is not to do everything, but to reach your goal"


- "Buy know-how knowledge as you need it"


- "Do things right the first time"


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