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Fibre Optics Lebanon

A primary source for the latest information, news and advice for Broadband technology users & providers in Lebanon covering Fibre Optics, DSL, CATV, Wireless and other Broadband technologies.

T-Grid Paper I: Buildings Fiber Optics Infrastructure

This 1st review paper discusses the benefits of fibre broadband and considerations for real estate developers; it compares different FTT x network architectures, the standardization of building network elements, the need for local legislations and describes typical FTTH deployments worldwide. This paper was published in Handassa magazine - Order of Engineers & Architects of Tripoli.

T-Grid FTTH & FTTO Seminar Series

High speed  fibre broaband supports economic growth and an improved quality of life. This should be available to everyone.

T-Grid conducts public presentations & seminars focussing on the beneftis of fibre optics broaband communications, considerations for real estate developers, comparison of different FTTx network architectures, the standardization of buidings network elements, local Lebanese legislations, role of telecoms engineers, FTTH & FTTO design design scenarios, FTTH & FTTO around the world, case studies, impmentation issues, hybrid fibre / copper scenarios & skills requirements.

Attached a presentation held at the OEA- Beirut- July 2016.


The Fibre Optic Association FOA

The Fibre Optic Association is a US & International non-profit professional society for the fiber optic industry. The FOA has certified over 43,000 CFOTs (Certified Fiber Optic Technicians) through over 250 approved training organizations worldwide.

FTTH Council Europe

The FTTH Council is an industry organisation whose mission is to accelerate the availability of fibre-based, ultra-high-speed access networks for the benefit of consumers and businesses.

FTTH Council is a global organization that promotes Fibre-to-the-Home FTTH.


The Fibreoptic Industry Association Limited was inaugurated in February, 1990 and has the legal status of a Company Limited by Guarantee. It has its own Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. They are reproduced here to help others establish similar organisations around the world.

The Fibreoptic Industry Association is managed from the United Kingdom by the FIA Secretariat with the support of a management Council.


The FTTH Council Middle East and North Africa is an industry organization with a mission to accelerate FTTH adoption by all broadband stakeholders through information and promotion, in order to accelerate the availability of fiber-based, ultra-high-speed access networks to consumers and businesses. 

FTTH is promoted because it delivers a flow of new services that enhances the quality of life, contributes to a better environment and boosts competitiveness.